About us

Mobile Gym Fitness History

Mobile Gym Fitness was created by David Hogg. With over 20 years experience in the industry, he created the Mobile Gym concept after offering the traditional Personal Training service and not feeling happy he was giving value for money. He would train clients in their homes or public places but offering basic equipment and training methods to reach their training goals. Wanting to give even more value to his Personal Training services the Mobile Gym was created, tried and tested on his clients.

Our instructors all have the same vision as David Hogg – to bring value to all our clients when offering our Personal Training services. Bringing the Mobile Gym to your doorstep with a variety of equipment that will keep every workout varied. The environment can be controlled with the air conditioning and heating. We offer one to one training or couples training when you both have the same or similar goals. You’ll be coached through a programmed workout designed to maximise efficiency and deliver results. It’s working out, taken to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we train in the van?

Yes our Mobile Gym has all the equipment installed inside but if you prefer to train in your home or a public space that is fine with us.

Can two people train together?

Yes if you have the same or similar fitness levels and goals.

Do I need to be fit to have a Personal Trainer?

No that’s what we are there for! We will set you realistic achievable goals and design you a training programme.

What if I can’t afford to train as often as I need too?

Don’t worry we will explore all your training opportunities and put together a training plan of action.

I don’t think the Mobile Gym will fit on my drive can I still use it?

Yes, it might mean we will have to park it nearby on a flat even surface and if it is a short walk away we can incorporate that walk as your warm-up and cool-down!

What age limits are there for having a Personal Trainer?

10 years – 100 years+ Age is just a number. We will workout a programme that suits your age and training needs.

Who will use Mobile Gym Fitness?

The Mobile Gym service offers something for all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

• Seated Exercise (one to one and as a group age range 60yrs+)
• New Mum’s workout (one to one, age range 20yrs – 40yrs)
• Back pain management (one to one, age range 25yrs+)
• Weight management (Primary Schools, one to one and as a group age range 7yrs+)
• GP Referral covering all areas from medical conditions to mental health issues, age range 16yrs +.
• Sports of all types age ranges 7yrs+
• Stress management
• Strength conditioning
• Flexibility

Is Mobile Gym Fitness right for me?

The ideal Mobile Gym users for our services are clients wanting to create new friendships, weight loss, toning, reaching peak performers, health improvement, sports focused, strength conditioning and improving quality of life. Your personal training sessions will build your self-confidence and keep you working towards your fitness goals. Many clients have some fear of attending a gym because they believe that gym users are already fit and muscular. Our set-up brings down these types of barriers and concerns. As the mobile gym’s equipment set-up can easily be changed and the mood lighting, sound and visual effects can be adapted to set the ideal environment for your workouts.

Mobile Gym Fitness Services

Free Consultation

Book a free health check

Where two people have the same or similar training goals this is the way forward to save money and spend time with a friend or family member. Get fit together has got to be a great way to get fit and beats sitting in a coffee shop.

One to One

Start your fitness journey

Whatever your fitness ambition we believe we have what it takes to achieve your realistic fitness goals in a safe, effective and fun way. Our professional personal trainers come to you at your home, work place or a place that is convenient to you

Couple Training

Get fit together

Where two people have the same or similar training goals this is the way forward to save money and spend time with a friend or family member. Get fit together has got to be a great way to get fit and beats sitting in a coffee shop.

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Save time and money
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