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Welcome to Mobile Gym Fitness, please have a look below at our team of Personal Trainers they all have the knowledge and motivation to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Our instructors cover selected areas, so please select the instructor that is closest to the area you live in.

We also offer online Personal Training, in which case contact the instructor you wish to work with and see what availability they can offer you.

Some of our instructors offer their services using a Mobile Gym and others will use a smart car or have a personal fitness studio you can visit. To find out more information please click on the instructor profile button which will reveal their contact details, services, prices and much more…

Mobile Gym Fitness Team

Our Gym Your Place!

Working hard to provide personal training across the UK.

Our team of Fitness Professionals are here to give you a workout like no other. Our trainers will bring Our Gym to Your Place!

That's right a fully equipped gym is driven to your doorstep, simply step in to the gym let your trainer take you through a highly motivated and personalised workout. No more driving to the gym, sharing the equipment with other gym users and wasting time and money!

David Hogg
Managing Director & Personal Trainer - Covering West Essex
Founder of Mobile Gym Fitness, David is our most experienced Personal Trainer. With over 20 years experience in the industry working with some high profile clients and companies. David has been a fitness presenter for Sky TV Fitness channel and helped thousands of clients change their lives...

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Jay Hayles
Personal Trainer - Covering Braintree, Essex
Jay has been operating his Mobile Gym for just over a year and has been involved in fitness training for many years with exceptional knowledge on nutrition. Jay has an incredible way of getting the most out of his clients and is focused on reaching your goals...

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Kelly Church
Personal Trainer - Covering Harlow, Essex
Kelly is our newest member of our team but has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Kelly specialises in exercise for the older generation and GP referral exercise. Her personality and positive attitude will help you smash your fitness goals leaning you feeling energised...

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Graham Chiverton
Mobile Gym Personal Trainer - Bristol
Graham is a highly experienced Personal Trainer, he gained his qualifications after leaving the army. Graham has worked with hundreds of clients helping them reach their fitness goals and limits. Train in Grahams Mobile Gym or in his home gym.

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Donna White
Freelance Personal Trainer - St Helens
Donna is new to the fitness industry but is qualified to level 3 Personal Trainer. She has worked in her local community for a number years offering Fitness boxing classes for everyone to enjoy.

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Kerri Hobbs
Personal Trainer
Kerri is new to the fitness industry but qualified to level 3 and has been on an amazing weight loss journey herself. Kerri loves helping her clients set and reach their fitness goals and keeps her sessions fun and enjoyable.

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New Instructor coming soon...
Freelance Personal Trainer

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CJ White
Freelance Personal Trainer
CJ is operating as a Freelance Personal Trainer and has had the pleasure of coaching everyone from complete beginners to Olympic champions and everyone in-between.

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New Instructor Coming Soon
Personal Trainer
This page has been reserved for a Future Fit qualified Instructor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we train in the van?

Yes our Mobile Gym has all the equipment installed inside but if you prefer to train in your home or a public space that is fine with us.

Can two people train together?

Yes if you have the same or similar fitness levels and goals.

Do I need to be fit to have a Personal Trainer?

No that’s what we are there for! We will set you realistic achievable goals and design you a training programme.

What if I can’t afford to train as often as I need too?

Don’t worry we will explore all your training opportunities and put together a training plan of action.

I don’t think the Mobile Gym will fit on my drive can I still use it?

Yes, it might mean we will have to park it nearby on a flat even surface and if it is a short walk away we can incorporate that walk as your warm-up and cool-down!

What age limits are there for having a Personal Trainer?

10 years – 100 years+ Age is just a number. We will workout a programme that suits your age and training needs.