Graham’s testimonial page

My Success...

Graham joined our team as a Freelance Personal Trainer and has made an amazing start to his business. In fact he has done so well with the business that he has now upgraded from a Freelance Personal Trainer to a Mobile Gym Personal Trainer within a year!

This is what Graham said within in the first few weeks of joining our team “Before starting as a Freelance Personal Trainer with Mobile Gym Fitness I was a struggling personal trainer with a second job, my business was clinging on by its finger nails, and realistically the end was in sight.

Fast forward just a few weeks since starting with Mobile Gym Fitness and it’s totally turned around. 2 new good paying clients with 2 decent prospects in the pipeline. New leads have been sent to me regularly and I’m already doing less hours at my second job with the hope of giving it up all together in the very near future.

I was rubbish at sales and marketing but Mobile Gym Fitness have given me the confidence to think I can actually make a decent living out of Personal Training after all. The support has been excellent, even answering my most stupid questions, the environment they promote means I don’t feel an idiot for asking them.

I am currently in talks with care homes and looking to take my services in to schools too. Something I would never have even thought of doing without the right guidance and support.

The nitty gritty is it’s a very affordable way to get on your feet in the fitbiz, if like me you struggle with the sales and marketing side of it. And with no major tie in term it’s an excellent way to build your business up and decide where you want to take it from there.

I for one have seen the benefit of someone else doing the leg work, and I can’t reiterate enough how good the support has been.

Well worth the investment."

Literally 1 year from joining Mobile Gym Fitness as a Freelance PT Graham ordered his Mobile Gym and is now driving around Bristol as one of our Senior Mobile Gym Fitness Instructors and proud to be the owner of a success business!

This is what I've gone with

I started as a Freelance Personal Training, this gave me less overheads and a chance to build my clients and get a feel for what Mobile Gym Fitness Ltd had to offer me.

Why Choose Mobile Gym Fitness

Starting any business you will need some financial investment. This was my starting point once I decided this franchise was something I was interested in. I only had a small amount of money to invest in my future in the fitness industry and so started as a Freelance Persona Trainer but the package was amazing as I upgraded into a Mobile Gym within a year!

Mobile Gym Fitness app

The app takes control of my bookings/payments and sends my clients appointment reminders. Even all my admin forms are embedded into the app.


I’ve received extra internal training which has helped me train my clients. I’ve also just received training on a childhood obesity prevention program I’m looking to offer in my local schools.


The marketing I have received is excellent, posters leaflets, video, social medial and more. It’s an area that I’m not very good at but Mobile Gym Fitness simply takes care of it.


It was crazy the number of leads I got to start with and they are still coming! Although not as many now but that’s because I’m now busy personal training and don’t need as many leads.


I’m so impressed with the uniform, it looks very professional and creates brand awareness and gives me confidence that I’m part of a national brand!

Business Support

Mobile Gym Fitness offer so much business support and they have been there every step of the way. Any questions or help I need I know a simple email or phone call and they are there to help.

Working Hours

What hours you work and prices you change is up to you.