Jay’s testimonial page

My Success...

“I’ve always been passionate about fitness and eating healthy and worked in a number of job roles where I have been helping or mentoring people of all ages and backgrounds. Becoming a Personal Trainer has always been something that I wanted to do but never knew where to start as setting up a business sounded like a lot of work.

Mobile Gym Fitness is amazing for a number of reasons; All the hard work of setting up the business is done for you, their marketing campaigns gives you the best possibility to generate leads and looks so professional. From day one of operating my Mobile Gym I looked like I had been trading for years as I was part of a large brand, which is reinforced from the Mobile Gym Fitness van, website, social media platforms, uniform, business stationary, posters and Mobile Gym Fitness App.

Having the unique selling point of a gym that comes to the home, work place or public space with a selection of fitness equipment in an environment that can be controlled with a flick of a switch, offering the ultimate training experience to reach my clients goals. This puts me ahead of any other instructor, helping me secure new clients business and leaves their neighbors wondering how they can use the Mobile Gym.”

I have now been running my Mobile Gym on a part time basis for about 4 years, it has given me additional income and gaining experience in being the best Personal Trainer I can be. I passed my qualifications just before joining Mobile Gym Fitness and have not looked back.

This is what I've gone with

I decided to jump in the deep end and start with a Mobile Gym and it worked out really well for me. I felt being new to the industry the van would help me secure my clients over my experience.

Why Choose Mobile Gym Fitness

Starting any business you will need some financial investment. I was lucky that I had a good level of financial investment which helped me get going much quicker.

Mobile Gym Fitness app

The app takes control of my bookings/payments and sends my clients appointment reminders. Even all my admin forms are embedded into the app.


I've received extra internal training which has helped me train my clients. I've also just received training on a childhood obesity prevention program I'm looking to offer in my local schools.


The marketing I have received is excellent, posters leaflets, video, social medial and more. It's an area that I'm not very good at but Mobile Gym Fitness simply takes care of it.


It was crazy the number of leads I got to start with and they are still coming! Although not as many now but that's because I'm now busy personal training and don't need as many leads.


I'm so impressed with the uniform, it looks very professional and creates brand awareness and gives me confidence that I'm part of a national brand!

Business Support

Mobile Gym Fitness offer so much business support and they have been there every step of the way. Any questions or help I need I know a simple email or phone call and they are there to help.

Working Hours

What hours you work and prices you change is up to you.